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Phong Nguyen


Phong Nguyen did his PhD in machine learning in the department of Computer Science of the University of Geneva under the supervision of Alexandros Kalousis. His research focused on metalearning and metamining. Since the end of the Phd he is with the Expedia Machine Learning team working on recommendation and ranking.


PhD Thesis : Meta-mining: a meta-learning framework to support the recommendation, planning and optimization of data mining workflows, University of Geneva, Computer Science Department, 2015.



Factorizing LambdaMART for cold start recommendations Journal Article

Nguyen, Phong; Wang, Jun; Kalousis, Alexandros

Machine Learning, 104 (2-3), pp. 223–242, 2016.

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Meta-mining: a meta-learning framework to support the recommendation, planning and optimization of data mining workflows PhD Thesis

Nguyen, Phong

Thesis PhD, University Of Geneva, Computer Science Department, 2015, (ID: unige:86131).

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The Data Mining OPtimization Ontology Journal Article

Keet, Maria C; Lawrynowicz, Agnieszka; d'Amato, Claudia; Kalousis, Alexandros; Nguyen, Phong; Palma, Raul; Stevens, Robert; Hilario, Melanie

J. Web Sem., 32 , pp. 43–53, 2015.

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Using Meta-mining to Support Data Mining Workflow Planning and Optimization Journal Article

Nguyen, Phong; Hilario, Melanie; Kalousis, Alexandros

J. Artif. Intell. Res., 51 , pp. 605–644, 2014.

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Learning Heterogeneous Similarity Measures for Hybrid-Recommendations in Meta-Mining Inproceedings

Nguyen, Phong; Wang, Jun; Hilario, Melanie; Kalousis, Alexandros

12th IEEE International Conference on Data Mining, ICDM 2012, Brussels, Belgium, December 10-13, 2012, pp. 1026–1031, 2012.

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Model mining for robust feature selection Inproceedings

Woznica, Adam; Nguyen, Phong; Kalousis, Alexandros

The 18th ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, KDD '12, Beijing, China, August 12-16, 2012, pp. 913–921, 2012.

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Ontology-Based Meta-Mining of Knowledge Discovery Workflows Incollection

Hilario, Melanie; Nguyen, Phong; Do, Huyen; Woznica, Adam; Kalousis, Alexandros

Meta-Learning in Computational Intelligence, pp. 273–315, 2011.

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