Dmml is growing by the addition of three new team members

We are delighted to announce that our team has grown, as three new members have joined us within the last months.

Dr. Nils Schaetti has joined our team this Fall. Nils holds a PhD from the University of Neuchâtel and has both academic experience, as a postdoc at UNIGE, as well as industrial experience. He will be focusing mainly on applied Machine Learning projects, where the team will profit from his experience in bridging theory with application. 


Hervégil Voegeli joined our group as a new PhD student this Fall. In his first days in his team Hervégil completed the defense of his Master's Thesis for his Master's degree in Statistics. Hervégil also holds a second Master's of Science in Economics. He will be mostly focusing his research on deep generative models for discrete data structures such as graphs, with a particular focus molecules. The relevant recently granted SNF project of our team will set the framework on this quest!


Soon after the two above mentioned arrivals, we had the pleasure to welcome Imahn Shekhzadeh, our newest PhD student. Imahn graduated from the University of Hamburg in September 2022. In his MSc thesis, he worked on the use of high-dimensional normalizing flows to emulate high-granularity calorimeter showers. This work had a direct relevance for the particle physics community and CERN in particular. Imahn will contribute, with his strong Physics background and his ease with ML, to the recent Synergia SNF project of our group, bridging Geosciences and ML.


Nils, Hervégil, Imahn, we are excited to have welcomed you to the team!