Farewell to Naoya Takeishi

It is mysterious the way that time passes by... and here we are, gathered at a full house meal, for our farewell to Doctor Naoya Takeishi!

Naoya has been for three years with our group, and his contributions were numerous and precious. He has paved new ways in the grey box modelling research line of the group, producing publications and guidance to the younger members of the group. He participated in the Simgait project, as well as in the IAI project, providing deep theoretical insights as well as practical solutions. He has the driving force behind our latest project funded under the Strategic Japanese-Swiss Science and Technology Program.

Naoya will continue his career in Tokyo, Japan, where an Academic position is waiting for him. Moreover, our collaboration is continuing as well, through the ongoing collaborative project!

More about Naoya in his personal page and on his LinkedIn

Farewel Naoya! The DMMLers thank you!