LiBertaS: New research project funded by the Halser Foundation

We are very pleased to announce that the Hasler Foundation has approved the project proposal of Dr. Grigorios Anagnostopoulos, and will fund the project "LiBertaS".

LiBertaS aims to liberate the access of Location Based Services (LBS) to the highly accurate fingerprinting methods in business practice, by greatly downscaling the data volume needed for their operation. LiBertaS will operate as a synergistic power that will study the optimal combination of previous findings, which were mainly produced within the Eratosthenes project, linking pieces in a puzzle, to construct a first-of-its-kind comprehensive framework. We will explore the individual and combined capabilities of three innovative concepts: (i) Estimate selection based on the Dynamic Accuracy Estimation, (ii) Proximity-based fingerprint augmentation, and (iii) Generative Modeling. The work plan of LiBertaS aims to bring the relevant research line of our work full circle.

More details will soon be available in our group's website, so stay tuned!