Alexandros Kalousis

Alexandros Kalousis Professor HES, Senior lecturer CS UNIGE
+41 22 388 63 584


Alexandros Kalousis is a Professor at the University of Applied Sciences, Western Switzerland in the Geneva School of Business Administration, where he leads the Data Mining and Machine Learning group. He also holds a "Chargé de Cours" position in Department of Computer Science at the University of Geneva. He received his PhD from the University of Geneva in the area of machine learning. He has a BSc and MSc in Computer Science in the University of Athens, Greece.

He publishes regularly in the top venues of data mining and machine learning, such as ICML, NIPS, ICDM, KDD, SDM, ECML/PKDD. He is a regular program committee member of all main machine learning and data mining conferences.


Over the years he has explored a variety of research problems, such as metric and kernel learning, feature selection and dimensionality reduction, regularisation, and meta-learning. He is currently exploring different research problems such as structured regularisation, learning of dynamical systems, life-long learning, imitation and reinforcement learning, many of them using deep learning methods.


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