Frantzeska Lavda Assistant HES, PhD student CS UNIGE


Frantzeska joined the DMML Group  as research assistant in February 2017.  Before she studied Applied Mathematics in the National Technical University of Athens, Greece and she continued her studies at the University of Geneva where she completed her Master’s in Statistics.


Her main research interests include deep generative modelling, deep learning, and Bayesian inference, with applications to image processing.




Lavda, Frantzeska; Gregorova, Magda; Kalousis, Alexandros

Data-Dependent Conditional Priors for Unsupervised Learning of Multimodal Data Journal Article

Entropy2020, 22(8) (888), 2020.

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Lavda, Frantzeska; Gregorová, Magda; Kalousis, Alexandros

Improving VAE generations of multimodal data through data-dependent conditional priors Conference

24th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 325 , IOS Press, 2020.

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Ramapuram, Jason; Lavda, Frantzeska; Webb, Russ; Kalousis, Alexandros; Diephuis, Maurits

Variational Saccading: Efficient Inference for Large Resolution Images Conference

BMVC 2019 & Bayesian Deep Learning Workshop Neurips, 2018, (Code:

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Lavda, Frantzeska; Ramapuram, Jason; Gregorova, Magda; Kalousis, Alexandros

Continual Classification Learning Using Generative Models Workshop

Continual learning Workshop NeurIPS 2018, 2018.

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