Singh Gurjeet

Singh Gurjeet Assistant HES, PhD student CS UNIGE


Gurjeet is a PhD student at the University of Geneva. He joined the Data Mining and Machine Learning lab in January 2023 to work on Deep Learning and Simulation-based inference problems. Before starting his PhD, Gurjeet completed his M.Sc in Data Science at the University of Padua (Italy).
During the master, he worked at the Machine and Human Intelligence group at the University of Helsinki on Black-Box Optimization problems (Bayesian Optimization and Adaptive Direct Search methods). He also spent a couple of years working at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) as a Software Developer.
In his free time, he likes to run, hike, play futsal and read books.


He is fascinated by Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Bayesian Inference and Optimization problems. For further details see his personal page.


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