Kick-off of the CoORDinates project

September 2023 marks the kick-off of the CoORDinates project.

The goal of CoORDinates is to analyse current Open Research Data (ORD) practices within the Indoor Positioning research community, and to actively contribute towards the establishment of relevant standards.

CoORDinates is another research project (after OrbiLoc, Eratosthenes and LiBertaS) of the research line of positioning systems mainly driven by Greg, who was granted the funding for CoORDinates, under the "Swiss Open Research Data Grants" programme of swissuniversities. HES-SO Haute école spécialisée de Suisse occidentale is gratefully acknowledged for securing the matching funds that also support this project.

For more information, the webpage of CoORDinates will be enriched with updates as the project progresses.