2019 Retrospective

As we are approaching the beginning of 2020, it is worth taking a minute to reflect over the year 2019.

People first! We are thrilled to have welcomed two new PhD students in our group this year:

Sooho Kim , who is a PhD candidate at the Seoul National University, has joined our team as a visiting researcher working in the intersection of mechanical engineering and machine learning research in the scope of predictive maintenance.


Nikos Kostagiolas has joined our team this fall with the goal to focus his research on Reinforcement Learning. With his strong background and his excitement he's already putting his expertise in action in the SimGait project.


(A relevant note: Consider checking the openings we have for new students!)

Moreover, two Master students have started working on their Thesis under the supervision of Prof. Kalousis and in close collaboration with the members of our group. Nikos Kokkinis and Marc Desaules, we are very happy to have you here with us!

People of our group do not remain static in the office, but move around a lot! I am not only referring to the running mid-day breaks that some of us take to stay healthy and energetic! Throughout this year, our group members undertook 4 internships in prestigious institutions:

  • Jason and Lionel were to Apple AI research, in California
  • Amina went to the Alan Touring Institute, in London
  • Currently Jason is in Deep Mind, in London

In terms of publications, 2019 brought 6 papers that were presented in different conferences, while 2 more are currently under review.

2019 brought us also two new exciting research projects, funded by Innosuisse. The MEDInA project, in which we collaborate with SixSq, aims to provide smart lighting to cities utilizing the traffic monitoring system running on resource constrained devices. Moreover, an exciting project on predictive maintenance, with partners from Switzerland (ABB) and South Korea (Seoul National University and OnePredict), is about to start. This project is funded under the Joint Call Switzerland-Korea of Innosuisse.

The HEG (HES-SO Geneva) opened a new Data Science branch in its Master's program in Information Studies in which our group is responsible for the two major modules on machine learning. Designing new courses keeps us on our toes, especially in this fast moving world that ML is nowadays!

Lastly, we were pleased to organize several interesting talks, given by distinguished guests. We had the opportunity to follow talks on predictive maintenance, on earthquake prediction research, as well as to learn the latest research interests of Apple AI research.

Our traditional way to finish the year is over a nice dinner, enjoying some bottles of good Swiss wine!

The dmml group wishes you happy holidays, and a happy 2020!!!